Learning the essential skills in preschool

If you are a working parent but want the best care for your toddlers, we suggest a preschool in singapore that has infant child care centers. Before you freak out about your childs safety and care, we can assure you that a high quality infant child care center will not just take care of your child safely but will also prepare them for the future by teaching useful skills. Here are some of the skills that can only be learned in a preschool. If you keep your child at home, youre pretty much depriving them of these skills.

1. Language skills

Maximum vocabulary is learned during the early toddler years. Especially during ages 3 to 5, children can learn around 2500 new words. Preschool and infant child care centers aid this learning. This is not only taught by story reading but other activities like simple conversations also help new words. The teacher encourages students to speak up about topics of their interest. This way the child can express while learning all along. Since the learning is not the typical cramming of words, it is much more efficient too.

2. Observations

Kids are very observant creatures. They learn mostly from what they see. Preschools as well as infant child care centers are decorated and set up to help children learn better. The behavior of teachers and other kids allows toddlers to learn a lot of new things. However, since these behaviors are regulated in an infant child care center as well as in preschools, you dont have to worry about your kid learning anything inappropriate. Observations are enhanced in this environment. You will notice for yourself how your child will start noticing little things at home too, and the best of all is that there learning abilities are sharpened a whole lot.

3. Pre-math

What may seem like playing is a clever way of teaching. Playing shopkeeper games with fake money bills gives an idea of concepts like money value. A tiny bit of mental maths is also involved. Similarly, assembling toys, sharing a set of toys, etc. aid the learning of basics. Unconsciously, the concepts stay in the toddler brain. Although the typical 1 2 3 or alphabets are not taught, but these activities will help in the learning of those concepts in the future too.

4. Physical activity and motor skills

Healthy activity is important for everyone of every age group. Toddlers do get bored very quickly which is why preschools have a lot of various activities offered at once. There are sit-down activities as well those that involve motor skills. Jumping, running, climbing are examples of these activities. Use of scissors and other crafty projects are also a part of school days. These little challenges enhance skills like coordination.

5. Respect and tolerance

Infant child care centers are full of children. The resources they have are shared among everyone. It is also not restricted to one gender or any specific children. Spending time among different types of children with different habits teaches tolerance. All toys will not belong your kid alone, they would be fairly shared. This encourages tolerance. At home, there is usually only one toddler at a time. All toddler toys belong to that child and they do not really learn the concept of sharing. Preschools and day cares are vital for teaching these qualities. It may seem like a small thing but these skills will affect the child for their entire life.

Preschools and day cares might not be teaching a lot of academic curriculum. However, the skills taught in these places are essential for a lifetime.

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